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Bridge is a trick-taking game. The type of contracts determines how you win a trick. In a No-Trump contract, the highest card of the initial denomination will win the trick. But in the Suit-Contract, a trump card may win that trick regardless.

Whoever starts the trick also play an important rule. Because everybody needs to “follow suit”, meaning you have to play the card of that denomination if you have it.

Doing trick-taking

Trick Taking in Bridge

There are four players in a Bridge game, each hold 13 cards. They named as North (N), East (E), South(S) and West (W). West partnered with East, while North and South is a team.

They are all playing the card in clockwise-direction, always. I.e: North then East then South then West and vice versa.

So, let say East start the play by playing a Heart card, then everybody needs to play a Heart as well from their hand. Whoever play the highest card “win” or “get” that trick. And the winner then starts the next trick until all 13 cards are played.

If you do not have Heart anymore you can play any card that you want. In a No-Trump contract, you will not be able to win any trick in that suit if you do not have it anymore. In a Suit Contract, however, you may win a trick from another suit if you play a card from the trump suit.

The trump suit is the suit whose denomination you choose as a contract, i.e: a 3 contract will have Spade as trump suit and any Spade card can win a trick from another suit.

That’s how you do trick-taking in Bridge.