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Pandemic or no pandemic, the Bridge authority and community in Indonesia never let go their Bridge. Covid-19 may be running rampage again, but GABSI (Indonesian Contract Bridge Association) manages to run on of the biggest Bridge competition the organisation ever run.

No less than 192 team consists of around 1152 athletes, the participant of this official national event competes in Open, Ladies, Mixed, Senior, U12 (Under 12 years-old), U16, U18, U21, U26 and U31. And due to the health restriction, all competition will be done online at the most popular Bridge platform in the world: Bridge Base Online.

With a format of 16-boards – 9 round Swiss, the competition will last for a whole month from 20 July 2020 to 20 August 2020. The top 16 will start the knock out phase on 12 August 2020.

Having the competition online is not without problem. The obvious one is that it is prone to cheating. So, with the motto “Zero Tolerance to Cheating” the competition does a number of countermeasures to prevent cheating. For example: imposing a severe penalty, video calling check, easy suspicion reporting and an expert panel who will analyse unusual bidding or play,

Have a good competition, Bridger!!

Tournamen link:

Gabungan Bridge Seluruh Indonesia
The 2020 Indonesian National Inter-City Bridge Championship