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You and your partner need to have a firm agreement of how many High Card Point (HCP) defined as game points. This agreement is very important because it dictates when you signal “Forcing to Game (FG)” or “Game Force (GF)” to partner.

Some partnership uses 24-HCP as “Game Points.” The way to remember it is that if your partner has an opening hand (12+ HCP) and you got at least 12 HCP too, a game is warranted.

A more conservative partnership may choose 25 HCP or even 26 HCP.

Setting this game point may affect the way you respond to the bidding. In particular, when you can actually pass.

This agreement applies for both suit contract and NT contract. Because, when you just do the opening bid, you do not know yet what will the end contract be.

And while setting the points, you can also discuss the Grand Slam point (usually 37HCP – guarantee that opponent will not have any Ace. i.e:4-HCP. for the opening lead. Then define the small slam point (usually 34: guarantee opponent will never have AK that they can lead on trick 1 and 2.)

What is your “Game Points”? Discuss and lock it with your partner….

Game Points need to be defined properly