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I would bet not too many of you have seen the No-Trump core point structure that you will see in this page. You might remember all your point range opening and its rebid. But seing this page will help you understand that the NT contract and the suit contract have a different structure that requires different treatment.

Your bidding system just combine the suit contract structure with the No-Trump structure.

Among the two, the No-Trump structure is simpler. Much simpler. Got 37HCP, go for 7NT. Only have 34 HCP? Bid 6NT. Have a total of 25-26 HCP, play 3NT. Yes, it is not 100% success rate but I the majority of the field will get it.

NT Point Structure

So here it is: (all points are HCP – High Card Point)

10 12 Mini NT, a.k.a “Kamikaze NT”
Simply do not use it – no further comment needed
12 14 1x//1NT Weak NT
  • To show this range, you open with level-1 opening and rebid 1NT. Of course, when possible.
  • There was a time open with Weak NT was a good thing. This last until people get used to disturb over 1NT opening. Yes, 1NT opening is a “cheap” blocker for 1x opening, but it has lost most of its charm.
15 17 1NT Strong NT
  • The safer alternative for opening with balance hand
  • If you allowed a 5 cards Major for this opening, you need to use a Puppet Stayman sequence
18 19 1x//2NT Top range of 1x opening
  • This range is the least known one. Most people use it, but do not know how to handle it properly.
  • After the partner open with 1x and rebid with 2NT to show 18-19 HCP range, usually most player just pass, bid 3NT or rebid 4 of their suit.
  • A special “all transfer” responds are very good handling communication and finding the 2nd-suit fit.
20 22 2//2NT “Strong 2NT”
  • Because having 20-22 HCP in your hand is way less frequent than weak hand, this range is now packed into Multi opening to save opening bid spot and make way to 2-suiter opening
  • If you use “May Contains 5 cards major”  for your NT opening, then using Puppet Stayment is really recommended.
  • Transfer, Texas transfer, Minor Stayman are common for this opening
23 25 2//2NT Use the same Strong 2NT sequence as above.
26 2//2//2NT Use Kokish Relay to get here.
This range is not too popular to be discusssed because it is quite rare, but since all the sequence and bidding space is already exist without any additional effort, it is good to have. Still use the same Strong 2NT sequence.