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“Longer First, Higher Rank First” is one of the first commandment in a standard bidding system. This principle governs how you bid your suit. So, if your hand have a 5-cards suit and a 4-cards suit, it is imperative that you bid the suit that has 5 cards (longer) first. Failing this, then maybe you are using a canape bidding system – which I would guess you probably don’t. Now, if you got two or three suits of equal length, the principle will always ask you to show the higher rank first. For example:

KJ432  QT9654  A  A  (5-6-1-1, 14 HCP – #1)

With the above hand, you will need to open with 1 first before rebidding your spade suit. However, it will be the reverse with the hand below (Bid 1 first then rebid ):

KJ432  QT965  A7  A  (5-5-2-1, 14 HCP – #2)

Now, how about this hand:

(void)  QT965  A7  ♣ AQT965  (0-5-2-6, 14 HCP – #3)

Common mistake: when you have a 6-cards (or more) minor suit and also a 5-cards (or more) major suit, (Basically, your minor suit is longer than major), some people mistakenly (or have been ill-advised by a clueless friend to bid the major first. WRONG – Always bid LONGER FIRST! So, in hand#3 above bid 1♣  first then bid the next. Bid longer first-higher rank first