Of course I meant it when I write “Ask Me Anything”. Yes, you can ask about anything in this section. If it is appropriate for public consumption, I will answer it honestly and truthfully. However, I would encourage you to ask question that has something to do with the best card game in the world….

Ask Anything Bridge

This is a chance for you to set the record straight with your partner. I.e.: to ask a 3rd party who was at fault on that disaster board. Of course, the idea is not to assign blame, but to move forward and have a better result next time. (And a bragging right of course…)

Ask Me Anything

However, this page could be something else related to Bridge, but not really what happens in a table.

Maybe question about how to teach someone the Lebensohl convention – cause she always forgot -or- how to get supply on certain Bridge item.

If it is something Bridge, we probably can help you.

BUT, One thing…

Although this service is FREE (As I do not get paid) – I would ask you to donate a mere $1.95 per question that will put toward the operation of this website.

There are times where one can self-funding a website with all the pay-per-click ad. Not only that time is gone as all the internet user is getting smarter, but also such practice just disturbs the enjoyment of the content. So, as you can see around, we really do very minimum advertising for your maximum enjoyment.

I hope a $1.95 is not too much of a burden for you. All money gather will be accounted for (see our about us page)

How it works:

  • Fill up the form, explain as detail as possible about your question
  • As you submit, you will be taken to Paypal – you can pay by credit card via Pay Pal.
  • Within 7-business days, the answer will be published in this section.
  • For ingenuity, your name will be just referred to as, for example, John – Sydney. Although you can totally be anonymous (just tick the option on the form)

No, I am not claiming to be the expert or the “right one” – all of these just an opinion that could worth considering.

Especially in partnership – it is always a draw 1 vs 1, so a 3rd unbiased opinion will shed some light. Right?

Thank you for your contribution…

So, let’s ask the question. Ask Me Anything