Here in 7NTbyme HQ, we believe a Bridge skill is precious. It lasts for life, just like when you learn to ride a bicycle. Yes, you might forget or change some detail of sequence of certain bidding, But once you get the gist of the bidding, the declarer play, the defense mechanism and the beauty of duplicate bridge, then it’s there forever on the corner of your brain.

7NTbyme: a Bridge website
“1S!” Bid with

With that in mind, we are proud to present a comprehensive resource for Bridge – – The would-be-bridge player, the newbie, the expert and everything in between should be able to take advantage of this website

Our regular columnist here will be Denis Kristanda – “The Smiling Engineer” who were lucky to get the essence of first-class “Bridge Education” mostly from the Indonesian National Team Coaches which include the legendary Eric Kokish, during his assignment there as member of the junior team.

But we will also invite some guest writer from local and overseas to enhance the diversification of your “bridge-o-logy” and point of view.

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Want to Contribute to 7NTbyme?

There are 4 ways you can contribute to this site who will eventually benefit the Bridge community in general

  • Involve with the content of the articles. Write your thought, your opinion, or suggestion as comment, so other can join-in to discuss the topic that interest you.
  • You can contribute a Bridge article. We do not offer any payment, but we will display your name and your website. Contact us with expression of interest and we will send you the further detail
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So, enjoy the website and Happy Bridging !