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AB Multi 2D Opening bid is a multi-purpose opening bid for 3 types of hands. They are:

  1. A weak 2-suiter in Majors: +, 55+, 5-11 HCP (the most frequent): Opener will rebid 3
  2. Strong Balance 20-22 HCP. May contains 5-cards Major: opener will rebid 2NT (or 3NT if opponent bids).
  3. A strong 3-suiter (4441) or (5440) with 17-22 HCP: opener will rebid 2, 3 -or- 3 to show 4+card holding on that suit. (i.e: natural bid)


  • This “AB” Multi 2 is alertable [!]
  • Strong Balance with 26+HCP and Strong 3-suiter 23+HCP are using “Kokish relay” via 2 opening. These hands are quite rare and special “protocol” needed to handle opening with no upper limit. See sequence 2-2//2-2//2NT.
    (For Precision, recommended to use: 1-1//1-1//2NT sequence)

Responder’s Bid:

  • 2 ?
    2 : [!] 4+card – “transfer to
    2 : [!] Do not have Spade. (Nothing to do with Heart)

That’s it. There is only 2 responds and it is just about Spade. No point information either.

How to remember

It’s all about Spade. And since opener can be strong, responder bid with “transfer-bid” style. (Bid 2 to show a.k.a “transfer to Spade) – Also, since opener need to be able to rebid 2NT, only 2 and 2 are available for respond bid

Opener’s Rebid:

  • 2 2 (have 4+)
    2 : 3-suiter with 4+. Trump is set
    2NT : Strong Balance 20-22 HCP. May contains 5-cards Major.
    3 : 3-suiter with 4+. Since opener did not bid 2, then opener have short in S: 1-4-4-4 or 0-(544)
    3 : 3-suiter with 5– Obviously opener can and should bid 3 (up the line) if (1444), so the opener hand’s must be 0-4-5-4.
    3 : Weak 2-suiter in Majors, 55+ +
  • 2 2 (No Spade)
    2NT : Strong Balance 20-22 HCP. May contains 5-cards Major.
    3 : 3-suiter with 4+
    3 : 3-suiter with 4+. Opener doesn’t have . (444)-1 or (544)-0
    3 : Weak 2-suiter in Majors, 55+ +
How to remember

Remember first, that 3 shows the weak 2-suiter in Majors. The rest is relatively “natural”: bid NT to show balance, bid 4+cards from the lowest rank to show 3-suiter. Amazingly simple.

~Visualization Aid: Typical Weak 2-suiter hand:
8-HCP, ~7 losers
Visualization Aid: Typical Strong Balance 20-22HCP:
21-HCP, ~5 losers
Visualization Aid: Typical Strong 3-suiter hand:
18-HCP, ~5 losers

Subsequent Bid

After 2-2//3 -or- 2-2//3:

  • 4NT = Blackwood (Total 4 Key Card). In the 2-suiter opening, usually, the opener doesn’t know what the denomination of the final contract, so cannot include King of Trump as one of the key cards.
  • Any other bids are sign-off

After 2-2//2NT -or- 2-2//2NT: use the 2NT Bid Sequence.

After 2-2//(2/3/3): responder knows the opener’s exact distribution. So, the responder is setting the final contract based on typical HCP of opener and responder’s hand. If opener has extra, the cue-bid sequence can commence

The rest of the bidding would be for 3-suiter hand via 2 responds (no Spade responds). Keep bidding the 4-cards suit up the line until there is a fit or until 3NT. If a trump is set, 4NT would be RKCB (Total 5 key-cards, including the King of Trump)

  • 2 2 (do not have )
    3 ?
    3 : 4+card . No , no .
    3 : 4+card . No , no , no .
    3 : [!] Cue-bid fit
    3NT : To Play
    4 : Fit in . Trump is set. Next: cue-bid or 4NT RKCB.
  • 2 2 (do not have )
    3 ?
    3 : 4+. No , no .
    3 : [!] Cue-bid. Fit
    3NT : To Play
    4 : Cue-bid. Fit
    4 : Fit in . Trump is set. Next: cue-bid or 4NT RKCB.

Defensive Bidding

* Upon opponent’s double: all system on (i.e ignore the Double)
* Upon opponent’s overcall: uses D0P1/R0P1 style bid:

DBL = have 4+card (equivalent to 2 bid)
PASS = [!] do not have Spade.

In a competitive situation, opener may bid DBL or bid 3NT (if opener has stopper) to show the strong type.

Otherwise, Pass usually implies the weak 2-suiter variety. However, it is also possible opener wait for the final contract before making a penalty double.

Competitive Bidding

If the opponent is using this opening, use these below as your competitive means:

  • Use DOUBLE as “general double” (not a take out double). This means you just telling the partner you have 10+ HCP. No information about distribution at all
  • Use DOUBLE also as “directing lead” for a hand with good Diamond but not enough to overcall
  • Only overcall when the suit is really good with a good point as well.Especially if your suit is a Major. The most common holding for the opener is majors, so just wait.