Passion of The Game of Bridge

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3 July 2015: Second Phase Initiated

Well after loooong time not really active with a lot of drama surrounding it. We will began the 2nd phase of publishing this website as one of the prominent bridge magazine on line!

Watch out the transformation

12 January 2010: First Phase Completed

The technical aspect of the website is consider done. You should experience quite fast and sleek website from us. We will still putting the initial content up with good bridge stuff. It’s still on schedule for July launch.

4 January 2010: A new Website born!

On 4 January 2010, the online bridge community have a new tiny family member: website. This website will try to not only giving a solid fondation for anybody want to try bridge, but also cater for more advance player as well as current affair from bridge-sphere.

Please bear with us in the moment while we are uploading the initial content, optimizing the server, fine tune the look and feel, etc, etc.

Launch date is set to be 4 July 2010 – 6 months after the birth !

Thank you for your support !