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Bidding, Play & Misclaim (?) Trouble at Sarundajang Cup

Bidding, Play & Misclaim (?) Trouble at Sarundajang Cup

In every tournament, with fatigue and stress fuel mistakes, we sometimes witness how these supposed to be good player performing poorly. And this is one of those stories that we can get the lesson from. This time from the Sarundajang Cup 2015.

Declarer Play: Playing Suit Contract

Theoretically, you will play a suit contract 4 times more often than NT contract. Playing a suit contract is a little bit more complicated as the highest card in a suit will not always win if a trump suit is being played. “Trumping” or “Ruffing” become part of the play.

Declarer Play: Playing No Trump Contract

Now the bidding is over and you have your bridge contract to play. Your LHO (left hand opponent) has select the card for opening lead and put it face down in the table. Your partner lay the card on the table as dummy and it is time for declarer play.