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Bidding Problem: No Rebid after Competitive

Bidding Problem: No Rebid after Competitive

Sometimes, after a competitive bid by opponent, you are left out with difficulty to rebid with little help from the partner. And to make it worst, wrong hand to play the contract.
Let see what will you bid on this situation:

West North East South
Pass Pass Pass 1
1 Pass Pass ???
A982 Dealer: West
KJ984 Vul: all

After 3 passes, you have no choice but to open with 4-5-3-1 and 16 HCP, while LHO bid 1S, partner for the 2nd time use his right to pass. So, what to rebid?

Pass? In term of heart game, you don’t need much: with at least Queen of Diamond, with heart break and Qx with partner (3 card will be better , of course), it would be almost easy game. But what can you deduct from here:

  • Partner most likely doesn’t have fit in heart. 2 cards tops.
  • LHO can only have 4 cards Spade as it’s only level 1 overcall. So, it is still possible partner has 4 cards of Spade(although unlikely) – but even this is case, if you double partner will assume that you are short in Spade and his 4 cards will not enough to penalize 1S – the worst he will bid 2C if you double. (could only fit 4-1)
  • Distribution of point: with LHO mark about 10HCP, then partner and RHO probably split 7HCP each
  • With likeliness that partner short in Heart and Spade, then most likely partner has minor (either 1 long one or 4-4 minors)

So, what do you bid here ? See complete distribution below… (click ‘Show’ button)

The complete distribution SelectShow

Outline for Takeout Double

One of the most important tools for competitive bidding is takeout double. Takeout double is the opposite of the classic double which intended to penalize opponent. With takeout double, practically you communicate “Partner, please bid your cards!” while with penalty double you are saying “Partner, do NOT bid!” – The problem is, we are playing both – so it has to be very clear which double is which one….