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As this website is being build and article is being published for launch on 4 July 2010, currently the state of this site is “Pre Launch

During this pre-launch state, we open the opportunity to all party – subject to approval – to put their advertisment with special “Pre Launch rate” locked into the spot for the duration paid.

There are 2 categories of our advertisement program:

1. One off Payment: permanent advertisement inside specific article (only 1 per article)

  • Exclusive advertising inside the article/content area (sidebar and header may contain other ads)
  • 1 banner of your choice and you may choose where exactly on the article the banner and link are located. (the size and design is totally up to you as long it is not disturbing the framework of the website and still within reason of normal banner size, for example: image of 2048 x 1024 will be too big and too large to be displayed on any website, and will be rejected)
  • 1 text link at the end of the article to emphasize the sponsorship. Word and link to your choosing, as long it is within normal reason (language, capitalization, etc)
  • The link will not be “nofollow”-ed
  • US$100.00 one off payment by Pay Pal.

2. Monthly Advertising Subscription

  1. Text link on footer US$2 per month – pre launch rate. Link will not be “nofollow”-ed (good for SEO-related campaign)
  2. Text link on sidebar US$4 per month- pre launch rate. Link will not be “nofollow”-ed (good for real visitor as well as SEO effort)
  3. Banner 125×125 on sidebar $US5 per month- pre launch rate. Link will not be “nofollow”-ed (good for real visitor as well as SEO effort)

For other size/location, please kindly request the quotation.

Rate is locked for duration paid. For example: if you have prepaid for 2 years, then any rate increase within that 2 years will not affect you.

All payment should be done by PayPal unless agreed otherwise in writing. For Australian businesses, if you need invoice for GST purposes it will be provided upon request. As usual, we have the right refuse advertisement or change the rate at any time.

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