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France Wins Venice Cup & d’Orsi Bowl, Indonesia Breaks Europe Dominance

France Wins Venice Cup & d’Orsi Bowl, Indonesia Breaks Europe Dominance

Still warm from 2011’s 40th World Bridge Team Championship in VeldHoven (near Einhoven)-Netherlands, the French Ladies team has just won the Venice Cup while their Senior counterpart also did their country proud to win the d’Orsi Senior Bowl. But it is Indonesian Ladies team who proud the most as they were soaring to break domination from European countries.

Every 2 years where the year is odd number,  all eyes of every Bridge player in the world should focus to World Bridge Team Championship a.k.a Bermuda Bowl. This top of the top tournament starts with grueling 21 round of Round Robin as a start, then continued with the top 8 teams meet at Knock Out stage, is really very tough tournament to be in (that’s if you happen to qualify :-)). The one never lose on this 3 stages sudden death (Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final) win the cup. Bermuda Bowl for Open team, Venice Cup for Ladies team and d’Orsi Senior bowl for the senior category (over 60 years).

Title-Duo For France

[Venice Cup]

French Wins Venice Cup 2011

The French senior team is cruising from the start. Rank #1 after 21 round robin, the team beat Germany on QF, Poland at Semi and USA on Final with 165-160 win. A well deserved d’Orsi Senior Bowl for them.

The French Ladies team has different story. Qualified last from the round robin, the French ladies turn the table upside down when they beat China on Quarter Final, the Netherlands on Semi Final and finally beat Indonesia 196-103 to claim the Venice Cup.

Congratulation to France for this title duo !
France’s d’Orsi Senior Bowl team: Phillippe CRONIER (npc), Philippe VANHOUTTE, Philippe POIZAT, Patrice PIGANEAU, Francois LEENHARDT, Guy LASSERRE, Patrick GRENTHE
France’s Venice Cup team: Thomas BESSIS(npc), Sylvie WILLARD, Joanna NEVE, Daniele GAVIARD, Catherine D’OVIDIO, Benedicte CRONIER, Veronique BESSIS

Indonesia Breaks Europe Dominance

In the early days, world championship on bridge is just between USA vs European countries… because that’s where they started. This year is quite different. In all final of the 2 main events: Venice Cup and D’orsi Senior Bowl, there is no USA on the team who plays since even  the semi final – this is quite unusual as USA usually dominates. As comparison, in 1977, it was USA1 vs USA2 in final of Bermuda Bowl. In 2011, the only USA team is at Bermuda Bowl final defeated by the Dutch.

The rest of the team playing are of those European countries: France, Italy, Netherlands. Sweden, Poland .. except one… Indonesia.

[Indonesia got 1st Runner Up]

Left to Right: Bert, Riantini, Lusje, Suci, Fera, Joice, Kristina

Indonesia finish at 6th position after the Round Robin.  Then successfully beat USA2 238-205 to proceed to the Semi Final. At Semi they beat England elegantly to meet the French.

This achievement is really a breakthrough for the Ladies sector, as their Open team have achieved the 4th place in 1975 in Bermuda Bowl and the senior also get silver at 2005 and 2007’s d’Orsi Senior.
Half of the team playing at 2011 were playing on 2009’s Venice Cup where they unfortunately just need 5VP to qualify to knock out stage but missed it. This year with 3 fresh player, after gruelling boot camps, trials, competitions, tests, they just have proven that they can get prestigious rank at international level.

Watch out this team as they are relatively still very young team. With continuous learning and preparation, the Cup could fly to Jakarta in not so distant future.

Congratulation to Indonesia Ladies Team and Indonesian Bridge Association (GABSI) for the Silver medal and record braking achievement!

Indonesian Ladies team: Bert Toar POLII (npc), Lusje Olha BOJOH, Fera DAMAYANTI, Suci Amita DEWI, Kristina Wahyu MURNIATI, RIANTINI, Julita Grace TUEJE.

Well done, ladies !!

Until 2013 in Bali….




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