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Want to Avoid or Minimize Senility, Forgetfulness? Better Play Bridge!

Want to Avoid or Minimize Senility, Forgetfulness? Better Play Bridge!

Everybody will retire, some  sooner or some later. And beside the massive blockage of cash flow (unless you retired rich), one thing that have drastic change is your brain activity. From juggling job task, remembering stuff to be brought, do presentation, closing sales, argument with colleuage, emailling, etc etc to practically nothing…zip…

Off course, for “honey moon” period, you will feel stress-free and light, but after a shortwhile, you will feel eerie feeling of emptiness – in term of brain acticity…

The problem with this is, just like muscle, if your brain is not being used it will start to shrink and diminished itself. Try ask someone with that bicep bump to not doing exercise for some extended period, I bet the bump will diminished. This is mostly why most of do-nothing retiree generally forgetful, senile and some develop sign of dementia or even Alzheimer.

Want to avoid or minimize all of those? Just play bridge regularly in your local bridge club!! Here is why…

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Play Bridge to Keep Your Brain Active

11 Reasons Why Regular Bridge Will Keep Your Brain In Better Shape

  1. Long term memory: you need to remember/memorize all those bidding systems, conventions, etc
  2. Short term memory: remember which of the 52 card that has been played (at least 12 cards: Ace, King, Queen , Jack from each suit)
  3. Count the distribution 1 to 13 times 4 suit, do the sum/difference from result, loser and winner count.
  4. Infer/Deduct what partner has in term of point and distribution from the bidding of lack of bidding.
  5. Keep alert with partner distribution/discard/preference signal
  6. Play a hand in timely manner (6 minutes per deal)
  7. Social skill:  discuss, debating, hang out with your partner and bridge friends – compare to just by yourself in a room with computer….
  8. Endurance: to keep thinking, counting and playing for hours during competition
  9. Regular activity with a twist: you can have regular schedule to play bridge with occasional intercity or even overseas tournament to attend – playing with pleasure.
  10. While bridge force  you to stay alert for hours, it does not require any physical fitness which hinder older people to do any other sport.
    (This is the exact answer people why people think sometimes mistakenly that bridge is only for “older people” – that’s because you can play bridge until 100 years old or more – can you still play soccer on your 70? – maybe not)
  11. Occasional win/defeat will force your brain to get better and achieving more. Also some satisfaction and proud feeling when you win or even in top 5! Reward yourself with achievement. (Of course if you are not improving at all, you need to have at least temporary bridge coach)

And additionally, unlike other sport, the cost of playing bridge is not expensive at all.  Just usually “table money” of $5 per play plus annual fee of the club (varies from $20 to $50).  Some win even will give you money prize!

Or even better, just play with 3 other close friend at your place or theirs! just need a pen and paper and a deck of $2 playing card. And you can be busy the whole day – while enjoying the comfort of your own place and that cup of tea/ coffee of yours…

And it’s never too late to learn bridge. You can start playing in an hour from know nothing at all. Maybe about 6 months of regular playing to make you not in the bottom of the list. After a year or 2 you will have that occasional win on “your day”!!

Let us all play bridge, having fun, and keep the brain active !

See you all in the bridge club!

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