Passion of The Game of Bridge

Learning The Game of Bridge

There is nothing better than learning by doing. So, I would encourage anybody that interested in this greatest mind sport in the planet, go out there join your local club. In your community, in your school, in your university or even in your office.

But, of course it will be even much better if you know a bit here and there beforehand, so here some great list for you to start:

  1. About the card
  2. The Basic Concept
  3. The Contract
  4. Playing Bridge: the Big Picture
  5. Assessing Your Hand
  6. The Auction/Bidding
  7. Declarer Play
  8. Defense Partnership
  9. Scoring
  10. Don’t Leave home without It:  FREE Handy Wallet Score Table!

Note: this list/series will be updated once the new material is up. You can bookmark this page on your browser (Ctrl-D) and check back regularly for ever expanding complete bridge at your finger tips !

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