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Rebid: Longer Suit or Second suit?

Rebid: Longer Suit or Second suit?

The common problem during bidding when you have long suit (say 6+ cards) and 2nd suit (4+ cards) is whether to show the extra on the un-usually longer suit, or rebid the second suit. But what if you have the chance to show both with smarter bidding ?

Let’s have a look the hand below (this is real hand from one of our Wednesday session in my club):

North East South West
Pass Pass 1 2
Pass Pass ????
A Dealer:North
Q962 Vul: EW

When you open the hand, you should be able to imagine the possibility of 3NT, 4 or even 5 game. When partner pass as dealer, the game is still a possibility as you don’t need much more. So on third hand, you open as normal 1 with 13HCP but only with 4 losers this time. LHO overcall 2 followed by another 2 passes.

The usual guidance will ask you to usually show the 4 card first, then rebid the 6 card suit. Let see what is your options:

  • You cannot bid any NT as you don’t have stopper in .
  • Pass (??)
    Passing this hand is the biggest sin you will ever made to bridge. There are many possibility but never pass with hand full of extras like this. So, never ever pass with this kind of hand!
  • Bid 2 ?
    This bid will show good 5 cards or usually 6 cards but not promise too much about the points as it’s also in rebalancing / passout position. You probably bid this if 2 extra cards diamond goes to Spade – So, 2 bid is not enough (although much better than Pass).
  • Bid 3 ?
    This bid is good to describe your Diamond holding – longer suit with 1 loser only – the problem is: you might miss out 4-4 fit in Heart. Remember, opponent has bid 2 – if partner doesn’t have stopper in opponent suit – what would he bid ?
  • Bid 3 ?
    Asking stopper will imply that you have long running suit. So, this bid has almost similar meaning like 3. Partner can go back to 3D, bid 3H or 3S if have 4 card major or 3NT if stopper exist – without the risk of passing by partner. I would say bidding 3 in this sequence is better than 3.
  • Bid 2 ?
    By bidding 2 you show 4 cards Heart – but also, don’t forget,  it’s a reverse bid which imply you have many more HCP. So, 2 bidding is too strong. Say if you have AQ heart instead of just Q, then this bid will be very good.
  • Double (X) ?
    In my opinion, Double will be the best bid in this situation. Why ?
    (1) It allows partner to do penalty pass on 2 (opponent is at vulnerable position)
    (2) It allows 4-4 fit on Majors suit to be found
    (3) It allows partner to bid 2NT with stopper
    (4) If partner bid 2 , you can still rebid 3 to imply that you have heart and diamond.
    (5) If partner is super weak, he can sign off at 2 – one level better than passing 3

The actual distribution is:

Longer Suit or 2nd Suit?
T653 Dealer: N
AJ3 Vul: EW

We end up playing 3D+2. Partner responds rightfully with 2♠ after my double, then I rebid 3 and all pass. With all-valuable Q, I would certainly bid 3NT after longer Diamond become apparent. Easy play as 9 trick is there (Diamond breaks 2-2) – just the bidding is quite a challenge.

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