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Sweden, England, Hungary seize World Bridge Championship 2012

Sweden, England, Hungary seize World Bridge Championship 2012

In Lille, France 2012, as part of International Mind Sport Association movement, the 14th World Bridge Championship was held in between Bermuda Bowl’s year. And this time, without any doubt, the European teams have excelled and dominated the world of bridge. Here is the story…

This 3rd kind of Olympic (after Summer Olympic and Winter Olympic) displays 5 mind sports: Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go and Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess). Participated by 140 countries, Bridge and Chess are of course the most recognizable kind of sports. Is bridge a sport? Yes!

International Mind Sport Association

Come back to bridge, as I noted here, that the power of bridge is now concentrated to Europe with USA/Canada and Indonesia/China try to shadow them. This time to no available.

Using Bermuda Bowl format, the Bridge Wold Games has 3 events: The Open Team, The Women Series and the Senior Series. And this is the result:

Open Team Woman Series Senior Series
1. Sweden 1. England 1. Hungary
2. Poland 2. Russia 2. USA
3. Monaco 3. Poland 3. France

Sweden open team are: Krister Ahlesved, Peter Bertheau, Per-Ola Cullin, Fredrik Nystrom, Jonas Petersson and JohanUpmark,  Mats Axdorph (NPC) and Jan Lagerman (coach).
The England Woman team are Sally Brock, Fiona Brown, Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Nicola Smith, Susan Stockdale, Jeremy Dhondy(NPC) and David Burn (coach).
The Hungary senior team are:  Gyorgy Barany, Miklos Dumbovich, Mihaly Kovacs, Peter Magyar and Geza Szappanos, Beatrix Nagy (coach)

Also, “Jack” a Dutch computer program win the World Compuiter-Bridge Championship.

Let us see further the member top 8 of each category (in addition of those top 3 above):

Open Team Woman Series Senior Series
Russia Indonesia Indonesia
Ireland Brazil Denmark
Italy Sweden Italy
USA England Poland
Netherlands Netherlands Sweden

And, the non-European country are practically only USA and Indonesia. What a total dominance by the European. So, the rest of the world, you have 1 year to prepare for next year. Bermuda Bowl !

Sweden vs Poland – The Final

The final comprises of 8 rounds of 16 boards. Sweden win 6-2 per round basis and start the lead from the beginning . 17 imp from round 1, 28 imp from round 2, 11 imp from round 3 and 29 imp from round 4. By half way mark, Poland already behind 83 imp. They reduce the gap by 7 on round 6 and 17 by round 8, but that’s about it. Sweden won hands down 371-234 imp.

The biggest win is from round 7 where the Swed took 77-3 imp. Let’s see further from this round.

[hand distribution board7 Final WBC 2012-IMSA]

Bidding goes in-active by Poland, cost them 12imp

  1.  The Polish lead  from KQ84 with K without any bidding indication and gave away a 3NT game. Maybe he should learn about unprotected honor. KQ104 would be acceptable.
  2. Poland win 1 imp due to overtrick
  3. Poland doubled undefeated contract with 6HCP because partner overcall at level 1?? “No need to double on team play” rings in my ear
  4. Poland win 1 imp due to overtrick
  5. -draw-
  6. Level 5 competitive and the Polish cannot sacrifice because the one with 7 cards Spade never tell anybody that he got 7 cards, even good one (AKJ7632). 11 imp for opponent (Maybe also that 2D weak D opening???!!!)
  7. The Polish did not bid the Diamond game because after Double and bid 3 level, with 4 card support the partner never ever bid. On the other table the game is doubled and made – big swing 12imp. See hand distribution on the right: sitting West you got 1-3-5-4 with 19HCP/4 losers hand (an almost game hand).
    The bidding goes: 1S by South (10hcp!), Double by West, 2H by North, 2 S by South (did not dare to bid 3H because he has only 10hcp 🙂 4H is cold! ), 3 D by West and everybody pass???. – I guess East never realize what he missed.
  8. Sweden win 1 imp due to overtrick
  9. Poland win 1 imp due to overtrick
  10. Poland did not make the Heart game because basic mistake in handling the trump. Fit 7-1, lead 9 from dummy, you held KJT8743. What you play? The Polish play K!! Anti-percentage play goes wrong – 12 imp for Sweden.
  11. Sweden win 1 imp due to overtrick
  12. Foolish bid from Poland: who open 4S with 6-3-2-2 13 HCP??? . Bid game and not make it, another 6 imp for Sweden.
  13. The Polish did level-1 competitive take out while holding opponent’s long trump? end up playing 4-2 fit part score and cost them 9 imp
  14. -draw-
  15. -draw-
  16. 26HCP 3NT game, no big deal – but the Polish chose the wrong Major to lead
The complete round details can be obtained from here.

So, at a glance, looks like Poland make some crucial basic error , at least on round 7 above, especially on board 1,3,5,7,10,12,13.  No wonder they lose.

Congratulation to Sweden !!


{WMSG 2012)

World Mind Sport Game 2012



  1. ikus /

    I think not all Polish will agree with your opinion Dennis…:)

    • Denis Kristanda /

      Exactly! Welcome for them to put alternate explanation for 77-3 imp defeat on round 7.
      I guess they play anti-percentage to break or make with hundreds imp behind

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